David Wilk talks with Lise Quintana of Lithomobilus

By David Wilk for Writerscast

Too hard for most readers to learn, interactivity changes the reading experience from what is expected, and “costs” more time and effort than readers are willing to give. But for those who do want “something more”, apps like Lithomobilus do provide an opportunity that may be worth the effort to engage.

Lithomobilus, l’e-book platform per gli scrittori banali

By Stefano Andrini for Cultora

Parafrasando la celebre canzone di una Carrà ancora in bianco e nero sarà capitato anche a voi di avere un raptus in testa. E di volere strozzare l’autore, liscio gassato o ferrarelle che sia, colpevole di affiancare ad alcune storie effervescenti altre più insopportabili di una tisana al rabarbaro. È la narrazione lineare, bellezza.

Lithomobilus Review

By Emily Short for Emily Short's Interactive Storytelling

This is genuinely not easy to resolve, and it’s at the heart of what Lithomobilus appears to be trying to do: to offer stories that aren’t consumed completely, but yield more and more content in response to a reader’s desire, inexhaustibly, never saying that your experience is complete.

Wrimos Around the World: “Swallow Your Fears and Keep Moving.”

for NaNoWriMo Blog

One of the best parts of NaNoWriMo is the incredible community of writers behind it. Today, Lise Quintana, creator of the Lithomobilus platform and head of Zoetic Press, shares how the lessons she’s learned from NaNoWriMo have applied to her many entrepreneurial projects.

Looking to the Future of Narrative

for Joseph Esposito

For those of us working in academic and professional publishing, the experiments of a literary writer may not seem particularly relevant. I think otherwise. One of the unfortunate aspects of STM publishing today is the assumption that we all know what an article should look like and the only meaningful questions are those about the quality of the content and the ability to find relevant pieces (and cite them and so forth).

Quick To The Lithomobilus

By Damien Boath for Newbiewriters

The Newbie Writers’ Podcast
Guest: Lise Quintana

La donna che vuole cambiare l’ebook (e la lettura in genere)

By Fabio Deotto for WIRED Italy

Lithomobilus è una piattaforma ebook creata per consentire al lettore di “aumentare” l’esperienza di lettura, scegliendo tra diverse linee narrative indipendenti

Entrepreneur (and book lover) Lise Quintana brings reading into the high-tech future

By Wallace Baine for Santa Cruz Sentinel

Like many tech entrepreneurs, Lise Quintana is an evangelist. She believes that reading — one of the most fundamental intellectual activities in human history — is ready for a big evolutionary leap forward. And she’s betting that the product her company is developing is going to provide that push.

The Santa Cruz writer and editor eats and drinks the written word. But she’s also a tech innovator, and her target is the e-book.

Authors, readers explore the digital world

By J. E. Cooper for SFGate

It’s a truism that you can’t judge a book by its cover. Yet in today’s world of e-books, apps and other forms of digital storytelling, the very concept of a book is changing rapidly.

How To Build A Feminist Workplace

By Elizabeth Segran for Fast Company

“Quintana tells me that she worked for several large technology firms where she was one of a very small number of female employees. “It felt like I was working two jobs: doing whatever work I already had to do, then playing the ‘token girl’ role in PR efforts,” she recalls. In meetings away from the public eye, meanwhile, her comments would often be ignored; when a male employee made the same point five minutes later, senior management would be all ears. She started her own company, in part, to escape this ongoing marginalization.”